Artwork Process

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Computer Aided Drafting

Computers are an essential part of the manufacturing of the memorial. This is where the customer's ideas can become reality! There are endless designs to choose from or we can produce just about anything you can imagine! A full color sketch can be made within 15 minutes for family approval.

As a result of the computer aided drafting system, production time has been reduced by a factor of more than 16 to 1. In other words, with the computer aided design system, it is possible to accomplish 24 hours of manual stencil cutting work in just 1 1/2 hours with no loss of quality!

Layout Room

Once the automatic stencil cutters have finished cutting the stencil. It is then ready to be adhered to the granite memorial. Additional artwork can be added at this time. After the stencil is applied, some areas of the stencil are pulled depending on the design & layout.

After the stencil has been removed, the memorial will be ready for "dusting". This is where we dust the exposed areas of polish to achieve a certain look. This process removes the areas of the polished surface, creating a lighter area called a "panel".

The memorial is now returned to the layout room to have the stencil that was removed earlier put back on the memorial. The memorial is then checked with the families approved sketch request for accuracy and spelling. It is now ready for Final Blasting!

Automated Sandblasting

This process is the most advanced type of blasting available! The automatic sandblast moves horizontal and vertical to achieve the finished lettering or designs the family has picked out. The blaster will make many passes depending on the layout of the memorial.

The blaster will continue to blast to a depth that would resemble a U. Upon completion, the blasting process will achieve the desired V cut depth. The memorial is almost complete! This operation is constantly monitored for quality control.


All of the memorials will then receive a light shadow which makes the memorial's appearance look better! The shadowing is stained into the granites "V" cut letters.

Diamond Hand Etching

Personalized diamond hand etchings are hand crafted by "In-house" professional artists. Once the family has approved the sketch for the etching our artist will begin etching the designs onto the granite.

Final Approval

A final inspection of the memorial is made & checked in with our database for delivery.

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